Youth Employability, Internships and Jobs

What kind of jobs can I find at Play4Work?
Through Play4Work, you can find all kinds of jobs you are interested in (e.g., jobs in the IT industry, etc.) We provide job seekers with channels to apply for jobs and help employers find suitable candidates to achieve a win-win result.

How are the games able to determine my employability?
Combining games and careers can help you compare career adaptability, scores and learning. You can "display" your skills and talents. This provides additional data and information for hiring managers and Human Resources (HR) staff to evaluate your candidacy rather than just trusting what’s written on your resume. This enables you to be matched with positions where your employability can be considered by the skills, competencies and talents that you demonstrate.

Where can I check the requirements for a position I am interested in?
There are different kinds of job postings in the Position Board of Play4Work. When you find the job that you are interested in, select the job and the specific information of the job will appear, including its requirements.

Can I really get a job by playing a game?
Yes, the result of the game will show your workplace skills and talents. This provides additional data and information for hiring managers and HR staff to evaluate your candidacy. The company will offer you an interview once you achieve the required score for that game.

How does Play4Work connect employers with students?
Different positions will correspond to different job skill requirements. Play4Work will provide different games based on these requirements. Candidates can show their workplace skills by completing the game. When the candidate achieves the required score for that game, it means that the candidate has the work skills needed to fill that job.

Is Play4Work useful for all kinds of jobs?
Yes, Play4Work can match all kinds of job opportunities with potential candidates. Any job will have required job skills. The games of Play4Work can be used to evaluate whether a candidate has these job skills.

Can I apply for multiple positions at the same time?
Yes, you can apply for more than one job at the same time. Companies will offer you interviews once you achieve the position requirement based on your game score. You also can book interviews for different positions.

How do I find employment by being a part of Play4Work?
You demonstrate your workplace skills and talents by playing our games. This provides additional data and information for hiring managers and HR staff to evaluate your candidacy. You can also:
  • Participate in Play4Work’s internship challenge to improve your workplace skills and experience
  • Join the Play4Work Upskill Courses to learn some new workplace skills
  • Join our Crowd Supporters page get equipment support once you have necessary skills
  • Find a coach to get some career suggestions to achieve career success

What are the benefits of playing these games for both myself and employers?
Playing games can help you demonstrate your skills and talents. This provides additional data and information for HR to evaluate your candidacy. Job skills you demonstrate through gameplay are often more persuasive than just your resume.

If I want to apply for a specific job, do I need to play its games?
Yes. If you want to apply for a specific job on the Play4Work platform, you have to play the game(s) and achieve a passing score. You will also be rewarded with tokens for completing a game.

Is there any age limit for people using Play4Work to apply for a job?
No. We do not have any age limitation. No matter your age, you can seek out a job on the Play4Work platform as long as you have the matching work skills.

Are these games effective for getting jobs?
Yes! Demonstrating your job skills is often more convincing than just a diploma. An employer will combine your work information and game results to offer an interview opportunity if you have matching work skills.

Internship Challenges

What will happen if I accept an Internship Challenge?
After being accepted into an Internship Challenge, youth must complete various stages over a certain period to pass the challenge. Each stage will have a list of tasks to do, along with instructions or requirements about how to finish the tasks. Once all the stages have been finished, then one Final Challenge remains, which upon completing will mark the end of the Internship Challenge.

What will happen if I finish an Internship Challenge?
Once you have finished an Internship Challenge, the company will evaluate your overall task, stage and gate completion numbers, which will be paired with an evaluation from one of the Internship Challenge’s Coordinators.

Companies may or may not offer you a position once they view and review the results of your completed Internship Challenge.

If you complete an Internship Challenge, you will receive additional BIS, as well as whatever ratio of GRIT the task-stage-gate for the Internship Challenge was assigned by the Company in agreement with the P4W ecosystem.

Are there any requirements for being offered an Internship Challenge?
Yes, you must have successfully completed a Position-driven Game (basic survey, with open text, and sometimes audio or video) linked specifically by a Company to that Internship Challenge.

What impact will Internship Challenges have on job opportunities?
Internship Challenges provide several benefits. Personally, attempting and completing an Internship Challenge should bring a sense of accomplishment, given the task-based character of the P4W ecosystem’s upskilling and employability program. The Internship Challenges help P4W Members improve their skills and knowledge through practical task-driven exercises combined with Internship Coordinator assignments and instructions.

If completed successfully, the Company that offered you the Internship Challenge opportunity will make a decision about a potential further offer to hire you for that position.

About P4W

What is Play4Work?
Play4Work is a multi-sided multi-stakeholder digital platform that helps users play employability games to find work. P4W is devoted to improving Youth employment by applying gamification to the recruiting, onboarding, and training process.

What is the purpose of Play4Work?
The purpose of P4W is to help Youth who do not have the experience to find jobs or internships. It helps in closing the gap between higher education and employment by playing "games" about employability.

What are the benefits of using Play4Work?
Play4Work provides Members with an effective way to find either jobs or work experience, and at the same time, improve their workplace knowledge, skills, and participant experiences.

How does the Play4Work community operate?
Play4Work is a global employment, internship and crowd support network based on a gamified digital platform for Youth recruiting, training and onboarding.

We increase our Members' work participation in real economies and markets through task-driven employability games that involve Upskill Courses and Internship Challenges to match them with Companies seeking to employ their digital and other skills and talents.

We help employers create games to find the Youth Candidates who best fit their positions.

We invite and host conversations on our open source Discourse Forum. This is where both game creation and conversations about work and job search, employability and job opportunities take place.

Why is Play4Work significant for both students and employers?
Play4Work creates a more efficient marketplace to help companies find candidates that reduces headhunting, pre-screening and onboarding costs.

The P4W ecosystem enables companies to establish internships for positions at their company, which can be used to track and monitor the progress of Youth Members using the platform..

Youth can earn both work experience and also GRIT, a unique digital token that operates in the P4W ecosystem. More answers to FAQs about GRIT will be provided in due time.

Is Play4Work really a global platform?
Yes, the Play4Work Forum currently hosts people from seven countries, including people who live in 4 different countries, so far...

What country do I have to be in to connect with Play4Work?
Play4Work is a global platform. We offer various types of positions, including remote positions. P4W was launched during the time of a global pandemic, and thus predictably starts with remote work.

What are the most significant opportunities currently being presented by Play4Work?
The first set of opportunities that P4W will offer with early adopter companies during the launch phase are for the in-demand areas of artificial intelligence, blockchain, digital health and digital transformation positions.
What is the most challenging aspect of Play4Work?
Creating dynamic and thoughtful games that enable Youth to demonstrate their skills and talents to employers in a more dynamic and active way than what is possible on a black and white static CV.

What things will the Play4Work project do to become successful?
Play4Work will create Position-driven and Task-driven games for in-demand jobs that attract Youth and Companies to the platform. The community focus of the ecosystem will match job seekers with employers who seek youth employees for positions that involve digital transformation across borders.

Is this website free for everyone?
The website is free and can be visited by any User or Member. If you want to take a look at the website, here is the link to the landing page: https://www.play4work.io

Is this website open-sourced?
Most aspects of Play4Work are open source, while some use proprietary software applications. The Discourse Forum, for example, is open-sourced.

Is the website still in its development stages?
Yes, our website is still under development. We will have more sections soon, such as Upskill Courses and Internship Challenges, along with data visualization and machine learning features.

What is the background of Play4Work?
The project founder lived in and visited countries with high youth unemployment. He initially came up with the precursor to P4W at an academic event for postgraduate students in Lithuania, before pitching it at Startup Weekend, Vilnius in 2015. P4W won 2nd prize and then was accelerated as part of the prize for one month, before burn-out and team breakup.

He was prompted to open Play4Work up again in 2021 for a Hedera Hashgraph hackathon by a student who took a course on "Distributed Ledger Technologies for Technology Entrepreneurs" that he was assisting with. This student suggested the project founder pitch the updated version of P4W with a distributed ledger backend to an Emeritus Entrepreneurship Professor at the local university, who supported the plan to build a prototype for P4W at an upcoming hackathon.

In the current situation, he saw the potential of a DLT-based application that drew on existing HR-oriented games, some of which can't be patented or can be done differently. In combination, he saw a way to disrupt the current recruiting and onboarding system by identifying a common opponent for the platform.

The key idea for balancing the ecosystem was found in the topic of the Precariat. The project leader had attended a conference on precarity in 2016, and from that, realized the significance of this rising "class" or "network" or "cohort" of people. The COVID-19 pandemic has expedited the need for additional solutions for people living in precarious conditions, which this business-technology-community platform for social impact aims to provide and help deliver.

How many employers are represented at Play4work?
As many employers from Companies as choose to hire Youth on the P4W platform after seeing the successful completion by candidates of the games they've created to identify talents in recruiting and onboarding.

How does Play4Work help me grow professionally?
Play4Work provides you with several ways to grow professionally. For example, you can apply for and take an Internship Challenge to improve your workplace skills and chances of getting hired.

Has Play4Work released a mobile app or desktop app?
Yes, we have launched / or are currently launching a mobile app and desktop app in the near future. You can now contact us and get information through Telegram, Slack, and Facebook.

Will Play4Work be an ad-free platform on later releases?
Yes, we have a new ecosystem promotions model that distinguishes P4W as a distributed ledger community based on "competitive-cooperative" principles.

Does all information content go end to end (E2E) between Users?
We are working on the secure transmission of information E2E in a range of situations, though with public features of distributed ledgers, this is still an open issue with Play4Work also.


What is the purpose of playing games in Play4Work?
Play4Work creates games with questions about a specific position to see if you and other candidates are a good fit for the position. The purpose of the game is to help you (and other candidates) to showcase your work skills, talent and experience.

What kind of games are available in Play4Work?
Play4Work games will be developed based on the requirements of each position. There are three types of questions allowed in a game: multiple choice, free text, and audio recorded questions.

Can you explain the games on Play4Work in more detail?
Play4Work creates games with questions related to a specific position to know if the candidate will be a good fit for that position. Candidates can play the game by answering these questions. When the required score is reached, the employer will review the candidate’s information and request an interview. If the candidate demonstrates that they are a good fit for the position, they can be qualified for the next round.

If I want to apply to a specific job, do I need to play the corresponding games for that job?
Yes. If you want to apply for a specific job on the Play4Work platform, you must play the game and successfully pass it. You will be rewarded with tokens for successfully completing games.

Will I be offered a position if I reach the required score on the game for that position?
You will have the opportunity for an interview if you reach the required score for the game. Playing a game is just the first step for applying for a job.

Does a person with a higher score have a better chance of getting the job?
Users who reach the required score of the game, even if their individual scores are different, will have their personal profiles submitted to the employer. The employer will decide to offer an interview based on your game results and personal profile.

What happens if I do not obtain the required score for a game?
If you play a game but do not obtain the required score in the game, don’t worry. You can still play other games. You can also improve your job skills by completing an Upskill Course with Play4Work and then applying for this type of position again.

Can I create my own games on Play4Work?
Yes. If you have experience and skills for creating a game, you can use the Play4Work Chatbot to evaluate your skills. You can then apply to become a game creator for Play4Work.

Are the Play4Work games pre-interview questions?
Yes. The score you obtain demonstrates your work skills.

What is the most popular game among Play4Work members?
The "find a job match and (role) play an internship to challenge for it" game.

What are your plans for the games and scoring points?
We are creating a points and rewards system that follows a break-even or profit model depending on question completion and a stage-gate rule for internship challenges.

What benefits will this scoring system have for real-life working environments?
The results of games can show whether the candidate has the right job skills (or not) for the position. These results also provide an efficient way to help employers find the candidates who best fit their positions.

If I get a high score, will I get a specific achievement?
No. Although you will not receive an achievement badge, your high score will show that you have the right job skills and are in a good position to land an interview.

How can I play the game in order to reach the best score possible?
Answer each question very carefully. The questions in the game are set based on a particular set of work skills. The higher your score, the better your work skills fit this position.

Where can a user create a game?
This feature will be coming soon.

What will the games be based on?
The games in Play4Work are employability games. Every game is based on workplace skills, talent display, knowledge acquisition, and practical application.

Can we give game scores to each other?
No, users cannot (currently) score each other for games on the Play4Work platform.


Why does Play4Work use a Distributed Ledger System?
A Distributed Ledger System (DLT) is duplicated and distributed across an entire network of computer systems. A DLT is basically a new form of digital accounting. A DLT is essentially a public database that anybody can contribute to or examine at any time. Instead of being stored on a single centralized server, the data is replicated over all of the computers in the DLT network throughout the world. This allows each computer to access the database. Play4Work uses a DLT to ensure all of our TestBIS transactions are encrypted and secure.

What are badges for?
Individuals who successfully complete an Internship Challenge will receive a badge. Badges are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that will be kept in a Distributed Ledger System (DLT, similar to a blockchain) and reflect all the information layers accomplished during the Internship Challenge.

What is a TestBIS?
TestBIS is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) that you only can earn and use as part of the Play4Work platform to access games and other activities/courses.

How do I earn TestBIS?
You earn TestBIS by completing a game, landing an interview, and/or completing an internship challenge.

What can I do with my TestBIS?
You can use your TestBIS tokens to apply for an Internship Challenge or register for an Upskill Course.

Where do I go to check my current reward status (TestBIS)?
When you sign in to the Play4Work homepage, click My Basket in the upper right corner to view your Wallet (it will appear on the left side of the page). Click your Wallet to see the amount of TestBIS that you have.

Should I save my TestBIS?
TestBIS is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) that you only can earn and use as part of the Play4Work platform. We suggest you use your TestBIS to sign up for Upskill Courses and Internship Challenges. You can also donate your TestBIS to other members if they do not have enough to participate in Play4Work activities.

What is the purpose of sending and receiving TestBIS?
You can help others by sending TestBIS to others who do not have enough to pay for participation in Play4Work activities. You also can ask for help from others and have them donate TestBIS to you. We want to help all of our members to play in a spirit of cooperation and to avoid falling into precarious or insecure jobs and careers.

What is My Basket for?
You can edit your personal profile and check your TestBIS in My Basket. The Multi-Media CV (MMCV) is part of your personal profile. Employers can check your MMCV once you achieve the required score for a game.


What is Discourse and why should I use it?
The Discourse Forum is an excellent tool where all Members can have conversations about Youth employability and other subjects related to Play4Work. We provide information to get you started. We welcome everyone’s opinion on these subjects.


What is the Play4Work chatbot?
We have set up a chatbot that can help answer any questions you have about Play4Work at any time. The chatbot will answer your questions to the best of its ability.

How can the Play4Work chatbot help me?
The chatbot provides basic information about Play4Work and can link you to the different functions on our platform. Our chatbot also allows you to perform a self-evaluation of your job skills in order to help determine which jobs are the best fit for your current skill set.