To nurture, incentivise and reward the talent pipeline according to “demonstration” during a time of crisis.

P4W can assist with revitalising the employability supply chain for national recoveries after COVID-19.


Our Vision:

A global internship & crowd-support network based on a gamified digital platform for youth recruiting, training & on-boarding.

Our Mission:

Increase youth work participation in real economies & markets through employability games with data validation & tokenization.

In Line With UNDG 8:

“Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.”

Play with Purpose


Finding meaningful work (incl. job, position, internship, volunteer, etc.)


Morally-based meaningful activity, usually for economic gain, that happens apart from rest & leisure.

Common Opponent

The Precariat, the danger of those who live precariously.

Why a Distributed Ledger System?

With the recent addition of a distributed ledger technology (cf. blockchain) backend to the project, P4W enables a unique opportunity to incentivize internship progress via tokenization. P4W creates a more efficient ‘marketplace’ for employers to come into contact with potential employees than what is currently offered.

Better private/public sector cooperation is needed to increase universities and companies cooperating with longer-term planning by government ministries.

What problems can a “chatbot” solve that other solutions can’t, or just not as well?

Provide conversational guidance, with definitive pathways, & targeted results. Each person's experience with the P4W chatbot will be different depending on their membership and Telegram-facilitated or Facebook-enabled selections.

"Help us create a meaningful conversation about work. You will only be part of it in the way that you want."  -Play4You Chatbot

We Currently Host:

Survey Games

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Internship Challenges

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Digital | Sustainable | Innovative


Using telecommunications tools to harness the power of communities


Non-mining proof-of-stake protocol, low fees, fast, fair, resilient


Consensus service designed around DAG (non-blockchain) DLT, proprietary with permissionless options

Play4Work Games - Rule #1:

P4W games must not dehumanise.

Our Community Standards of Practice for Distributed Ledger Technology and Digital ID

Technical Roadmap

2021 Q1

Pre-launch Demo (Hedera 21)

1. Youth Companion App
✔ Company = Play4Work – “next team members”
✔ We don't promise jobs, we link students with companies and facilitate giving rewards

2021 Q2

Full Launch MVP

1. Youth Companion App
✔ Youth will see many offers in the Internship Board, play Survey Games, and accept Internship Challenges
2. Company HR App
✔ Survey Creators, Surveys Board
✔ Challenge Creators, Challenges Board
✔ Candidate Boards

2021 Q3

"Mentors and Coaches"
Feature Launch

1. Youth Companion App
✔ Internship Boards
✔ Mentors and Coaches Board
2. Company HR App
3. Mentors and Coaches App
✔ Requests Board

2021 Q4

Crowd Support Feature Launch

1. Youth Companion App
✔ Crowd support request form/board
✔ Filed reports board
2. Company HR App
3. Mentor and Coaches App
4. Crowd supporters App
✔ Crowd support requests board
✔ Crowd support smart contracts board
✔ Intern Updates board

2022 Q1

Government App Launch

1. Youth Companion App
2. Company HR App
3. Mentor and Coaches App
4. Crowd supporters app
5. Government Admin App
6. Grant offering Smart Contracts


Show your skills & talents. Find employment.