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Youth unemployment has reached precarious levels in many countries around the world. Considerable economic burden arises due to the disengagement of youth not employed in education or training (NEETs), who are unemployed or underemployed.

Video gaming contributes to 'video game economies', instead of to 'real economies'. P4W's 'employability games' can help improve opportunities to solve unemployment and unemployability.


The P4W Team is now enrolled in an accelerator program called "Cross Border for Local Value". Our objective is to develop P4W’s digital platform to support an employability pipeline for companies to hire Youth across the “first border” of Nigeria and Canada that connects Nigerian youth with Canadian companies.

P4W Team – CBLV program

24 members from Canada, Nigeria, Myanmar, Kenya, Zambia, India, Pakistan, & Singapore.
We are currently seeking partners, sponsors and complementors as we move forward to complete our Project Charter during the CBLV program. Please reach out and connect with us!

Our Vision:

A global internship & crowd-support network based on a gamified digital platform for youth recruiting, training & on-boarding.

Our Mission:

Increase youth work participation in real economies & markets through employability games with data validation & tokenization.

In Line With UNDG 8:

“Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.”

Company Value Creation

  • Incentivizing distributed ledger communities with value-driven P2P engagement.
  • Using gamification as an engine to display youth skills and talents to employers.
  • Increasing youth employability for a cross-border ecosystem in target topic areas.

Digital | Sustainable | Innovative


Using telecommunications tools to harness the power of communities


Non-mining proof-of-stake protocol, low fees, fast, fair, resilient


Consensus service designed around DAG (non-blockchain) DLT, proprietary with permissionless options

Play with Purpose


Finding meaningful work (incl. job, position, internship, volunteer, etc.)


Morally-based meaningful activity, usually for economic gain, that happens apart from rest & leisure.

Common Opponent

The Precariat, the danger of those who live precariously.

Our Community Standards of Practice for Distributed Ledger Technology and Digital ID

Play4Work Games - Rule #1:

P4W games must not dehumanise.

Start creating your onboarding pipeline with us.